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Tel : +33 (0) 663081890
58 avenue de la Gloire
Apmt 24
31500 Toulouse — France

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French based world music agency founded in 2003 first to develop al projects of international griot Ablaye Cissoko, MA CASE grew to become in 10years a significant world music company, dedicated mainly to african and pan african artists.

MA CASE manages today professional career (means tour booking but also recordings production, publishing and rights management) of ABLAYE CISSOKO (Senegal), MOONLIGHT BENJAMIN (Haiti), EZZA (Niger/France).

MA CASE does also book live performances for JAWHAR (Tunisie), BRAHIM DHOUR (Maroc,France), KUNBE (Mali/France), PAAMATH (Senegal/France), SONNY TROUPE Qtet (Guadeloupe), AFRICAN JAZZ ROOTS (Cissoko & Goubert).

Here are some others artists that did work with MA CASE since 2005: Gasandji, Electro Bamako, Alima Hamel & Lone Kent, Diana Baroni, Aldona, Ravi Prasad, Samba Funk Experience …

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

* ABLAYE CISSOKO (Senegal), griot singer and kora player, internationally known among the kora players (www.ablaye-cissoko.com)

* EZZA (Niger/Kabylie/France) : tuareg power trio, new wave of tuareg music (www.ezza.fr)

* MOONLIGHT BENJAMIN (Haiti) : female singer and voodoo priest, she hatches the fire of the whole Haitian people (www.moonlightbenjamin.com)

* KUNBE (Mali/Fr) : the new afro-rock/afro-groove sensation from Bamako (http://goo.gl/v6KaJC)

* JAWHAR (Tunisie) : a crossover between folk and chaâbi music, "the Tunisian Nick Drake" (http://goo.gl/RZthps)

* PAAMATH (Sénégal / France) : african folk singer (http://goo.gl/mngQ10)

* SONNY TROUPE Qtet (Guadeloupe) : some of the most talented musicians in caribbean jazz (http://goo.gl/wFalRx)

* BRAHIM DHOUR (Maroc/France) : the new "Arab/Andalusian jazz" project of this violin and oud virtuoso (http://goo.gl/Kk7wgs)