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Manager / agent — Media

sainte lucie de porto vecchio
Tel : 0620733838
20144 sainte lucie de porto vecchio — France

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Musikalliste has for objective to promote artists, as manager for some, and to book for others. The structure was born in January 2017 and is thus very recent.

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I work with the duet Tritha and Martin, for whom I make of the booking to spread this beautiful human and musical adventure, which mixes East and West, former and modern tones, in the opening of the heart and the spirit. I also make of the booking for Jean-Charles Papi, Corsican singer native of Porto Vecchio, who released his latest album, "Essenziali", in July, 2016 and for the group In Via, a Corsican group also, from the region of Ghisonaccia, mainly Pop-folk influence, and with which the 1st album, " Una cria di qui... " went out in March, 2017.