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Oujasav Artistiques Production

Production discographique — Production de spectacles

Tel : 03 88 14 01 07
5 rue de la Rotlach
67850 Herrlisheim — France

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Aware that artistic culture must spread and be shared as part of everyone’s daily life, OUJASAV Artistiques Productions wants to work in the artistic environment and develop musical production, and then production and cultural diffusion of performing arts in France and on the international stage. The company intends to develop its own artistic style based on rhythm, on groove, that is to say on a music, a dance, a story full of emotions that bounce, vibrate, resource and make us alive.

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

DJOKLA, World Caribean - FLORE M, Soul & Blues-Gospel - HUMPA PUMS, Made in Alsace - TINA, Bantou Storyteller ...