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Tel : 06 61 67 85 28
10 boulevard Léon Tolstoï
54510 Tomblaine — France

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SMASH Production is a french organisation of musicians oriented towards the world music created in 2009. The purpose of the association is to promote artistic activities of the groups Son del Salon (afro-cuban music) and Mittel Orchestra (klezmer music). Over the years, SMASH Production supports new artistic projects such as Duo Dinamico (“pocket salsa”), Lova mi amor (pop-world) and Nancy Ska Jazz Orchestra (Ska-jazz big band) by offering them the means of production of live performances, by equipping themselves with a touring vehicle, by financing musical productions and communication media, by paying artists and technicians... Since its inception, SMASH Production has been supported by SPEDIDAM, the Ministry of Youth and Sports, the Lorraine Region, the City of Tomblaine, the City of Nancy…

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

 Son del Salon : 3 albums, 500 concerts in Europe and 1 tour in CubaSon Del Salón was awarded the prize for "the best new band in 2016" at the Tempo Latino Festival, the biggest European Latin music festival. Son Del Salón is a Franco-Cuban band formed in 2009 made up of five musicians, each one passionate about son cubano. After many trips to Cuba and two albums which closely followed Cuban tradition, Son Del Salón is working on a new, more modern sound. Duo Dinámico : « pocket » orchestra with a cuban touchThe Duo dinamico challenge is to offer an afro-cuban orchestra sound with… only 2 musicians ! Using little tricks, the guitar player and singer Anthony Ho and the drummer Thibault Chipot propose to the public an original repertoire based on traditionnal cuban son, puerto-rican salsa, cha cha cha, bolero, plena, venezuelan joropo. Nancy Ska Jazz Orchestra : 15 musicians big band exploring ska-kazz styleCreated in 2013 in Nancy, the band is the result of the meeting of two seperates formation but having the same interest about the stage and jamaican music : Casa Bancale and Magic Dub Skatolog All Stars. The group spirit is a fusion of the swing music of big bands of the 1930s and euphoric energies of ska music of the 60's.The result is a mix that is both festive but sophisticated, dancing but also savant. Mittel Orchestra : Musical emotions of all peoples without bordersMittel Orchestra proposes an original repertoire based on klezmer standards and original compositions. The mix of influences allows the orchestra to flourish in a musical universe captivating and deeply gathering. Created more than a decade ago, Mittel's new line-up now forms part of a resolutely Klezmer universe, the fusion of the Jewish musical tradition and the modernism of contemporary music.