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Tel : 0662486946
26 rue Brandis
13005 Marseille — France

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Based in Marseille, the association Colombe Records was founded in 2002 by the French-Comorian artist Ahamada Smis. As an outfit designed to produce sound and stage performances, Colombe Records has also been organizing events revolving around hip hop and world music since 2004.

Phonogram production
5 records by Ahamada Smis have been produced by Colombe Records since 2002:
the Maxi Single "Gouttes d'Eau"
the 6-title EP "Où va ce Monde?"
the album "Etre"the album “Origines”
the album “Afrosoul”

Programming - Distributing
Starting in 2004, Colombe Records became a producer of hip-hop and world music shows. Simultaneously, Colombe Records has been producing offbeat encounters with the audience around Ahamada Smis' creations. Colombe Records produced tours promoting each of Ahamada Smis’ albums in France and abroad, as well as two widely appreciated shows for young audiences, “Mtoulou fait son safari musical” and “Kipépéo”.

Cultural Involvement
Cultural involvement has been an integral part of the association's activity through artistic workshops: these include workshops in writing and stage coaching for all audiences (children/teens/adults, amateurs as well as professionals), along with workshops to develop an awareness to creation, revolving around traditional music, the use of percussions and the spoken word in the area of the Indian Ocean.

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

Ahamada Smis’ story is made of words and music, which some will call poetry slam. Influenced by Marseille, faith, poetry, people’s stories from all around the world, as well as his origins, the poet Ahamada Smis has for the past fifteen years not only cultivated his own music genre – a blend of hip hop and world music - but also collected words of all kinds. New ones, used ones, sincere ones.Child of the Comoro Islands, Ahamada Smis landed in Marseille when he was 11 years old. He rapidly expressed his talents through poetry and when French rappers found credibility in defining themselves as being gangsters, he was talking about peace and water drops. “Even though I was always influenced by hip hop, I always wanted to unite different audiences. Today poetry slam is allowing me to do so.”
Born in the Comoros Islands and having landed in Marseille as a child, Ahamada Smis invites us to a musical journey between hip hop and world music.