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Cyper Produktion

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Tamarin Bay
Tel : 00230 52 50 58 47
Bois d'Oline
Tamarin Bay — Maurice

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Cyper Produktion was founded in Mauritius island by Percy Yip Tong in 1986. It devotes itself to the promotion of culture and music of the South-West Indian Ocean islands (concerts, recordings, management, international tours).

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

On its record label Koool Kreol, launched in 1987, you can find famous artists from Mauritius (Kaya, Menwar, Eric Triton, Patyatann), the Comoros (Maalesh , Eliasse), Madagascar (Jaojoby,Tarika Sammy, Rajery) and the Seychelles (Patrick Victor, Elijah). In 2004, it launches the SAMEMSA Indian Ocean festival. Today, Cyper Produktion also manages bands from Africa such as Gargar from Kenya and Wanlov from Ghana (Mondomix – Babel Med Award 2013).