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Festival Jazz sous les Pommiers

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Tel : 02 33 76 78 60
0 Festival Jazz sous les Pommiers
Les Unelles BP 524
50 205 Coutances — France

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Every year, during the week of Ascension, the festival focuses on jazz and its musical cousins (blues, electro-jazz, funk, world music) through a demanding, open and blended programme. It brings together at Coutances internationally famous artists, discoveries, amateur musicians, street theatre companies, creations, artist residencies, workshops, conferences, exhibitions, and welcomes some 70 000 spectators. In 30 years, the festival has become a major artistic and popular event, with numerous original and often unique proposals, followed by curious and receptive audiences.33rd edition: from 24 to 31 May 201434th edition: from 9 to 16 May 201535th edition: from 30 April to 7 May 2016Alongside the festival, Coutances has a cultural season. The team takes over Coutances town theatre and programmes some 30 shows from September to June.

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