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Born in 2005, independant label INNACOR is created by Bertrand Dupont, producer and Jacky Molard, musician and composer, in collaboration with artists such as Erik Marchand, breton singer,Yannick Jory, saxophonist and various creators (sound/images/arts).There is more (gallese expression “innacor”)…Facing majors and their “submitting” world, it seems essential for us to ever share the real musical colors we believe in.Our goal is to promote the creation, truly, to fund recording sessions, to press vinyls or offer digitals, EP, etc.But first of all to protect the artists and their property rights.All over the world, Nomad, United, Engaged, Awake and Open minded…Claiming out loud “There is more!”Albums availables worldwide from L’Autre Distribution or Believe

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Discographic news 2018-2019 : Jacky Molard Mycelium / Yuma / Charkha. 40 CD Artists au catalogue : visit www.innacor.com >>> Kristen Noguès / Patrick Molard "Light & Shade" / Hasan Yarimdunia / Mamar Kassey / Keyvan Chemirani - Annie Ebrel / Erik Marchand / Kreiz Breizh Akademi / Hélène Labarrière Qt / Valentin Clastrier...