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Tour'n'sol prod.

Production de spectacles — Tourneur — Production discographique

Tel : 09 50 59 96 33
5 allée Antoine Sartori
94140 Alfortville — France

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Born in 2007, Tour’n’Sol prod. promotes about ten musical projects in connection with North Africa.From Arab-Andalusian to Gnawa music or jazz, rock, reggae, chaâbi and street bands the new trends of th emusics from the Maghreb and the emergent and innovating artists are represented with passion.

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

Projects : Fanfaraï, Chekh Sidi Bémol, Daxar, Hassan Boussou, Global Gnawa, Ziyara, Gnawa Street Band, Ouled El Hal, Nassima, Taforalt, Youss (ex Intik)