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Dell Arte

Teaching / formation — Production de spectacles — Festival — Manager / agent

Tel : 05 61 76 58 48
9 rue Antoine Laumet
3110 Toulouse — France

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Since 1997, the association Dell'Arte, located on the Mirail in Toulouse, is a project of "Social Culture", Ridge culture and socialization. This project is being implemented through the following actions:> Cultural development on popular neighborhoods> Insertion by the Culture by the cultural Production under the I.A.E. (Insertion by economic activity) and through the support of emerging artists.> International co-operation, relations with the South.> Toucouleurs festival, meetings on the move (since 2000).The militant commitment of Dell'Arte is to implement the cultural actions who will act to transform social relations.The core values that we defend are the emancipation, solidarity, cooperation and justice. Thus, our practices are part of the transmission by popular Education and the implementation of the community social work.

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It is the story of a traveller griot who, during his exile, drawsthe sound in the tradition to magnify it in the meeting. Itschopsticks become invisible as they bounce on hisxylophone in the notes well aiguisees. The melodies come fromfurther, they walked. Well accompanied, he exults! Thevirtuosity artists and festive momentum are the two keys tothe cornerstone of this project. Kanazoé and his musicians offer us amusic to both dance, muscular and emoving.Arrived in France in 2010, the balaphonisteSanchez-Diabatesaid Kanazoésurroundsexcellent musicians to give life to his music and create the Orchestra Kanazoé. First with Mamadou Dembelespecialist of the Ngoni, singer and composerin which he finds his alter ego.Later with Stéphane PerruchetTraveler percussionist,the rhythms of Cuba and West Africa expert, Martin EtienneLaurent Planells and Elvin BironienJazz musicians,to the many college improvisersETTES. And finally with Zaky DiarralargeGriot, singer and witness the history and culture of the countryMandingo, who joined the group in 2014. The band's musicis the image of Kanazoé and his musicians. Energetic, virtuoso,.generous. A merger'balaphonique' irresistibly danceablewhere mingle aware texts, chiseled melodies and improvisationsexciting.After an E.P in 2014, the Toulouse combo hits the road in France and Europe. Hard to have shared the stage with Manu DibaNGO, Cheick Tidiane Seck or Dobet Gnahoré, the group is proud to present his first album "Miriya"