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Ramonville St-Agne
Tel : 05 62 19 06 06
4 rue Claude Chappe
31520 Ramonville St-Agne — France

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Destination: Ramonville Saint-Agne, near Toulouse in Occitanie.This region in the South of France, through which runs the canal du Midi, is Convivencia’s playground. It’s here that we travel across land and water with our cargo of world music.Behind the scenes, Convivencia is a human-sized collaborative project, employing a professional team (up to 20 people when activity is at its peak) and a volunteer team (over 60 people in 2021).As a member of national and regional professional networks (such as Zone Franche - National World Music Network, Octopus - Regional Music Network or SMA - National Music Syndicate), Convivencia works hand in hand with over 100 partners to bring artistic and cultural initiatives to local communities throughout the region.These initiatives include Festival Convivencia, Convivencia Insolite, #moncanal, artists-in-residence, and many more. Our activities promote cultural diversity and offer a unique musical experience on and around the canal du Midi.

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