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Konstelacio is a French non-profit organization which promotes intercultural dialogue. It organizes workshops for children but also lectures and other activities for adults.Project Lyra addresses this issue from an artistic point of view as much as an educational one. It is an intercultural music ensemble which brings together six traditional musicians from France (Breton music), Tunisia and India. Together, they offer workshops to grant an easier access to culture for children. They thus promote dialogue between cultures and participate in the transmission of musical heritage to the next generation. The band also wishes to share with a wider audience its strong belief that discovering other cultures helps us grow and allows us to better understand our own roots. In order to do so, Lyra gives concerts in many countries, is recording an album, publishing a musical book and a documentary film will cover the whole project.Actress Bérénice Bejo is Lyra's ambassador and the project is sponsored by the French Ministry of Culture and Communication as well as the French Ambassador in Tunisia.

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Lyra gathers 6 traditional musicians from Brittany, France (Pierre Droual - violin, Antoine Péran - wooden transverse flute), India (Parveen Sabrina Khan -vocals, Ilyas Raphaël Khan - tablas) and Tunisia (Youssef Ben Dhifallah - ney, Aziz Ouertani - oud).