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Tel : 06 64 20 18 22
39 bis rue de Labrède
33800 Bordeaux — France

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Developer of Artists.
Mélodinote was founded in 2006 in Bordeaux, and its activities center around the production and distribution of concerts. Mélodinote has a catalog of musicians and accompanies them in the tour (search concert dates, programming relations) and the development of their musical projects (management - production, research residences, communication assistance ...) . A label activity also expresses itself in the phonographic production of albums of the artists in the catalog, as well as a choice to diversify with the proposal of a musical show for young audiences.

Very attached to the notions of sharing and exchange, Mélodinote has developed over the human and artistic encounters, while retaining the thread of acoustics, the main common denominator between the formations hosted within the structure. A musical color that has not changed, mixing jazz, folk, world music, songs and traditional music ...

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

- Chet Nuneta (France) : Migratory songs / World Polyphonies
- Lubenica (France) : Balkans Music
- Mascarimiri (Italy): Salento-Rom / Traditional travel in Southern Italy
- Kalakan (Euskadi): Basque and percussion songs / Intimate Concept
- Doolin '(France): The new Irish sound
- The ShougaShack (France) : Folk-Blues
- Les Gosses de la Rue (France): Swing Jazz Manouche
- Hot Swing Sextet (France): Swing Lindy Hop
- Gondwana Company "BaDaBoum" (France): Young Audience - Circus & World Music