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Founded in the spring of 2010, the musical publishing department of Radio France International (RFI) supports emerging or experienced artists by publishing their works. RFI Talent participates in diffusion and promotion of their albums.The artists are highlighted on all medias of the FMM group, which are RFI, France 24 and MCD.Those musical works mixed styles and are created by artists from the whole world : African rappers, a soulful woman Belgo-Haitian, an electro-Mandingo group from Franca and Mali, Madagascar’s master of salegy, DJ pioneer of Hip Hop in France, Moroccan prodigy guembri "African jazz blues" style, a band from France and Maghreb that mixes rai with the Afro-Cuban, a Berber group with influences among Turks and Indians, a Guinean urban griot, a Franco-Spanish king of salsamuffin, a Belgian country band ... and other musical trips from all parts of the world.Cultural diversity is the heart of the artistic line of "RFI Talent", like the media group and their public.

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