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Veev Com

Tel : 06 77 83 62 39
2 Rue André Messager
Le Mila
75018 Paris — France

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Veev Com is a dynamic and competent company founded in 2008 by Sèverine Berger, its trilingual Director of Communication and Press Relations who specializes in music: World Music, Soul, Jazz, Reggae, Hip-Hop Slam, Funk, Singer-songwriting.She puts her expertise to work for you to enhance your musical projects: a job she carries out with diligence and a flair for human relations.Upon becoming an agency in 2014, Veev Com invested in the “Mila” spaces located in the 18th arrondissement thanks to its increasing turnover.This made it possible to hire two assistants to give Sèverine Berger support and provide the best possible service to its customers.Beyond its work in Press Relations, Veev Com plans to accompany artists and their projects the whole way through: album release promotion and concerts (showcasing and touring) in France.Its strategy includes Internet communication via social networks and supplements the work of distributor and tour manager.

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

* Buda Musique: Tanga, Lalo Zanelli et Ombu, Adama Dramé, Henri Dikongué, Tambours Croisés, Sanacore, JB Moundélé, Ensemble Marani, Paco El Lobo, uKanDanZ, Zanzibara 9, Denécheau Jâse Musette, Sahra Halgan Trio, Bella Ciao, María Simoglou Ensemble, Nostalgique Egypte, Teta, KUKU, Chouk Bwa Libète, Gangbé Brass Band, Kala Jula, Djeli Moussa Condé, Dupain, Tarek Abdallah & Adel Shams el-Din, Françoise Atlan, Gino Sitson, BKO Quintet, Forabandit, Erik Aliana

* Quart de Lune : Issa Murad, Kengo Saito, Jazz Oil, Alê Kali, Zé Boaidé, M’toro Chamou, Seheno, Valérie Ekoumè, Xanthoula Dakovanou, Manuel Delgado, Dipenda, Pierre Bensusan, Habib Faye
* Independants: Etienne Mbappé, Nuttea, Virginia Rodrigues, Sociedade Recreativa, Tukkiman, Louisa Bailèche, Sophie Cavez & Balthazar Montanaro, King Ayisoba, Koto Brawa & The Wakman, Johann Berby, Shaï Sebbag, Awa Ly, Moh Kouyaté, Gwoka Jazz festival, L’Afrique dans tous les sens