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Via vox

Production de spectacles — Tourneur — Production discographique

Tel : 01 40 33 46 65
23 rue Boyer
75020 Paris — France

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Since 2011, Viavox is a live and record music company. Our goals consist in the organization of music tour, the production of concerts and showcases and the developement of emerging bands.Our roster rangs from iberian et latin music throught artists like Miguel Poveda, Rocio Marquez, Esperanza Fernandez, Bach Flamenco (Spain), Katia Guerreiro, Carla Pires, Oquestrada, Ricardo Ribeiro (Portugal), Minino Garay, Lalo Zanelli (Argentina), Frapadingos to traditionnal music such as Hasna El Becharia, Kala Jula (Mali), Antonio Placer... and also including or the rap/spoken word from the band the Tie & Love process...

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