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Zone Franche will attend MaMA 2015 - October 14th to 16th - Paris

Publiée le 23/07/2015 dans Zone Franche

International artists mobility versus regulations
Globalisation has become a reality which artistic production makes more human and delightful. In the same time, geographical frontiers seem to be sometimes unbridgeable., Professionnal protectionism, or immigration threat, can make a visa request look like a real obstacle course when artists just aim to meet audiences all over the world. The economic consequences have also to be taken in consideration. In France, a new law about immigration is being prepared and discussed by the parliament, at the same time in the EU, the Schengen Visa Code is also under review. Zone Franche, the world music network, is involved in the Comité Visa Artistes, and suggests to enlight and discuss these topics with international speakers.