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17A7 started as a love story some 45 years ago: the love of rhythms and harmonies, always considering the roots of the people and their cultures. What is 17A7 Soulfully Groovy interested in ? We're interested in the soul of artists and their musics. What makes them unique? What in their musical creation, gives us goosebumps ?
Starting from this passion for people and notes of music, 17A7 helps artists to develop their strategy of communication and makes it as unique as they are.
The management of Toto ST, (the Angolan singer-songwriter-composer-producer-arranger) already has over 25 years of carrier), is the result of deep feelings, from tears to laughters, from goosebumps to whahoooo... We share the same priority of caring about people, sharing a sense of sensitivity coming deep from the soul. And Toto ST makes it so easy to work with, thanks to his amazing talent (The Rhino Jazz Festival wrote that he had " a unique voice and dazzling Afro-jazz musics), his concern about people, his capacity to listen to advice, plus his great wisdom.

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Toto ST, who sings in Portuguese and Umobundu, will release his 4th album called NGA SAKIDILA (means THANK YOU in Umbundu) next fall. Guy Nsangué, Munir Hoss, Christian Martinez, Deolinda Kinzimba (winner of The Voice 3 Portugal)among others, are on board. A crowdfunding campaign will soon be launched.
NOJAZZ invited Toto ST on one of the songs of their upcoming album BEAUTIFUL LIFE (November 2019).
17A7's challenge is to take Toto ST outside of Angola, so the rest of the world can listen to his amazing voice and soul.