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Accords Croisés

Production de spectacles — Tourneur — Production discographique

Tel : 01 47 53 68 68
28 rue Stephenson
75 018 Paris — France

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Accords Croisés is a concert office, a production agency and a label of which the main aim is seeking out and promoting great voices of the world which are representative of a particular culture, aesthetic tradition or trend. Accords Croisés is expanding in three main areas :1 The promotion of signed-up artists, allowing great voices of the world to develop their career with their musical projects;2 The stimulation of new creative opportunities arising out of collaboration between artists from different backgrounds to work on common projects;3 The label: thanks to the rich information they contain as well as a veritable feast of sound, our “disc-booklets” permit an exploration of other musical traditions which is as intelligent as it is sensory.

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés