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Altan Art

Production de spectacles — Tourneur — Manager / agent

Tel : 06 60 29 75 73
289 avenue du Maréchal Foch
84100 Orange — France

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Established 2,010, ALTAN-ART introduces to the exceptionnal and often badly known esthetics of buryat, mongolian and siberian artists.ALTAN-ART opens her scope to french artists sensitive to the immensity of northern Asia.Buryatia is a small autonomous republic of Russia. It is located on the eastern bank of lake Baikal. It is also called « Land of chamans »...

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

SHONO : fusion; ethno-rock, throat singing
ANDA UNION (Thorat singing from Inner Mongolia)
OLENA UUTAI (SAKHA-YAKOUTIE, guimbarde khomus, chant, percussions)
NAMGAR (WORLD : Exotic fusion of buryat-mongolian tradition and modern rock / electronic / jazz elements)
TENGUIZ DUO CHANT DIPHONIQUE (BOURIATIE-MONGOLIE) (WORLD : Buryat-mongolian traditional music / throat singing)
GOBI RHAPSODIE (France/Mongolie)
GOBI ENSEMBLE CHANT DIPHONIQUE (MONGOLIE) (WORLD : Mongolian traditional music and dances / throat singing)
MESZECSINKA (Flamenco and Funky, Oriental and experimentalfrom Hungary, Bulgaria, Croatia and Poland)
BAD BAD ROXANNE (from Saint-Petersbourg in Russia is a synthesis of native culture folklore traditions and progressive western indie-music ideas)
ALDASPAN (Ethno-Rock from Kazakhstan)