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Assahira is a family of crazy, passionate, virtuosos, and endearing artists. Our catalog includes instruments and accessories of all types and continents, indispensable for street performances: a portable xylophone, a puppet with a very soft feather, castanets, a guitar, pointy toed shoes, an oboe from Languedoc, a striped jacket, a pair of stilts, turntables, a banjo, a snow cannon and a Korean umbrella... Either by day or by night, our energy will provide you with lifelong memories!

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

L’Homme Oiseau et son Chimère Orchestra (The Birdman and his Chimera Orchestra)La Complet'Mandingue (The Complet'Mandingo)Imperial Kikiristan La Tit'Fanfare (The Little Brass Band)Pigswana Brass BandLes Transformateurs Acoustiques (The Acoustic Transformers)L'Chaim Le Bus Rouge (The Red Bus)Teatro del Silencio (Theatre of Silence)Triade Nomade Danse ! sur ta chanson (Dance! on your favourite song)El Buey, NTJam Rosie