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Atarraya Productions

Tourneur — Manager / agent — Production de spectacles

Tel : 0782646296
1 bis rue du puits vert
31000 Toulouse — France

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Atarraya Productions is a show production structure specializing in world music and songs.Located in Toulouse, in a particularly rich musical area, it supports the local scene but also supports foreign groups by providing its production and distribution skills.By promoting the development of world music as well as international, traditional , popular and modern songs. Atarraya productions wishes to promote cultural and artistic diversity.

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

Its catalog highlights professional artists from different cultural backgrounds: Alicia Beatty (universal songs), Cimafunk (Afro-Cuban funk), Kanazoe Orkestra (balaphonic fusion), La Ceiba (Colombian music), Lucien la Movaiz Graine (semi-festive song), Mama Godillot (world tour music) and Matéo Langlois (current song).