Le Réseau des musiques du monde

Centre des musiciens du monde

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Tel : +1-514-397-9226
5043 Saint-Dominique
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The Centre des musiciens du monde is a place where professional artists from an array of musical traditions, amateur musicians and the public can meet, exchange ideas and share experiences. Founded in 2017, the Centre has an artistic, educational and social mission. As part of its artistic objectives, each year, its residency program hosts professional musicians from a variety of cultural backgrounds who want to create original musical projects, and supports them through all the stages of their project, from creation to distribution. To fulfill its educational mission, the Centre offers classes, workshops and conferences for the general public, students and musicians of all stripes, on music and instruments from around the world. Its social commitment focuses on creating opportunities for sharing and exchange between the public and artists, with the goal of re-establishing a place for art and music at the heart of our society.

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

Artistic residencies 2018 : Zal Sissokho (Encounter between West African Music and Flamenco) ; Pooria Pournazeri (Omar Khayyam's poems set to music) ; Didem Basar (compositions between Turkish and Western Classical Music) ; Nazih Borish (Virtuosic Middle Eastern Music)
Artistic residencies 2019 : Federico Tarazona & Showan Tavakol (Encounter between Andean and Iranian Music) ; Mohamed Masmoudi (Jazz Oriental Quartet) ; Alexis Chartrand (Traditional Quebec Songs Revisited with the Violin and Harmonica) ; Zilien Biret (Maloya from Reunion Island)