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Tel : 09 71 53 70 89
0 Mairie de Chanac
Place de la Bascule
48230 Chanac — France

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Festival of alive and popular civilisations, hybrid shows, creations of here and of elsewhere, meetings between artists, publics, travellers, militants, lecturers, Détours du Monde identify with the passion of Live Performing Arts, the wish of living the ephemeral moment of creation and the one of thought and sharing.It relies on : the distribution of singular artists and innovative musical proposals which links creation all year long (Derrière la Tour season)the development of a major free, demanding, civic-minded festival which stages alive and popular civilisations (Détours du Monde festival)the support to production of new creations by means of residences, co-productions, distribution. Détours du Monde aims at being real boosters of careers and a support at the heart of the world music.

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