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40 Grande Rue
51260 Bethon — France

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Founded in 2002, the aim of Flying Penguins is implementation , production and distribution of live shows, for the professional development of creative artists and the opening of meeting places , in any possible form. Since 2002, Ninon Valder is associated artist Flying Penguins. Flying Penguins produces and distributes the creations of the duo Colacho Brizuela- Ninon Valder and develop CEREMUSA , Music Research Center and Oral Transmission, located Bethon (51).

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

Colacho Brizuela - Ninon Valder DUO (2011 - 2018)
Argentine concert music - Original creations original directory based on the Argentinian music, poetry blend of sensibilities stamps. A trip to a sixth continent.
Nicolás "Colacho" Brizuela: guitar, Chapman Stick. Nominated for Latin Grammy Awards, arranger, guitarist Mercedes Sosa
Ninon Valder: bandoneon, flutes, voice Persona destacada of cultura Esteban Echeverria.
Residence at the Theatre of Corbeil Essonnes in January 2015. Tour in 2016 was supported by SPEDIDAM
Participation in festivals: The Atypical Nights, D'jazz et Garonne, Bloomsbury Festival (UK)
1 drive: Cuscaias (Acqua Records, 2013) In the press: "Erratic compositions, solar dreamlike" Telerama "Intense duo, solar, sensitive" - ​​"Bravos" TRAD Magazine "A delicate gift, a rare encounter" La Terrasse "The melodic tranquility" Inrocks