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Festival Haizebegi

Festival — Teaching / formation — Production de spectacles — Edition

Tel : 0676071807
12 avenue Gabriel Deluc
64100 Bayonne — France

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Haizebegi is a "worlds of music" festival that uses music as a tool to understand human societies. In Bayonne, it brings together every year in October for 11 days artists and social science researchers who are brought together to share experiences that help to understand the challenge of training programs that place music at the center. In relationship with the ARI Research institute, Haizebegi is currently engaged in the creation of an Incubator for scientific research and artistic creation for cultural projects with social vocation.

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

The festival programs artists of international standing and puts them in situations of c-realization with actors of the Basque music scene.