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Production de spectacles — Tourneur

Tel : 01 44 61 86 90
20 rue Geoffroy l'Asnier
75004 Paris — France

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Day after day, for more than 70 years, JMF have been inventing music for each and every one, first and foremost for younger audiences. Leaning on a network of 1 200 voluntary correspondents and cultural partners, the JMF produce, organize and promote concerts, as well as musical workshops on all the French territory and in all music styles : from classical to contemporary pop styles, through traditional, jazz or world music. In doing so, JMF lead children and teenagers into an active discovery of artists, repertoires, musical works and practices.Every year, JMF stands for : 50 musical programs on tour, 150 professional artists, A pedagogical documentation for each program, 2,000 concerts and workshops, 400 venues, Almost 450,000 spectators aged 3-18,The “Tout’Ouïe” Festival

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