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La Curieuse

Tourneur — Production discographique — Manager / agent

Tel : 0475553831
15 rue des Ecoles
26120 Chabeuil — France

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Why la Curieuse * ?Because the artists gathered here are not alike.Because they all offer very singular universes.Because they defend, with exigency, artistic objects, which basically speak of the same thing — the desire for meetings, experiments, attempts.It is for these reasons that we wished to invite all these curious characters to the same table.And there will be something for everyone…* la Curieuse = the Curious

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

Lalala Napoli, Madalitso Band (Malawi), Impérial Orphéon, La Mossa, Douar Trio, L'Etrangleuse, No Mad ?...https://www.la-curieuse.com/artistes/