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Le Chantier

Festival — Salle — Production de spectacles

Tel : 04 94 59 56 49
0 Fort Gibron
BP 24
83570 Correns — France

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Le Chantier is a center for musical creation dedicated to new traditional music and world music. The highlight of its season is the festival “les Joutes musicales de printemps” (held on Pentecost week end every year since 1997). Artist residencies, which are the heart of its activity, are always punctuated by a public representation of the artist’s work: les “Etapes musicales”. Le Chantier also offers numerous outreach programs (workshops, educational concerts), research activities (conferences, publications), and programs for amateur musicians (choir meetings “Equinòxis”). Located in Correns (Var, France), Le Chantier is directed by Françoise Dastrevigne.

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