Le Réseau des musiques du monde

Le Quartz / Centre affaires coat ar gueven

Salle — Festival — Production de spectacles

Tel : 02 98 33 95 00
60 rue du Château
BP 91039
29210 Brest — France

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The Quartz is the first «scène nationale» of France because of its audience. It is an experimental and popular theatre, and a centre of contemporary performing arts, a production and artistic distribution place. Its theatrical, choreographic and musical programme offers all aesthetics of performing arts every year. The Quartz has initiated and coproduced «world music» projects and has encouraged different festivals as Musique(s) à Brest, Mic Mac Babylone, Fanfares! It is the wish to support the urban, economic and social mutations of Brest where it is established and an artistic openness of Europe and the world which have guided the thoughts of the director Matthieu Banvillet and his team about the future of the Quartz.

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