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L’Onde & Cybèle is an association Loi 1901 created in 2004 on the impulse of Blaise Merlin. With a five years experience of intensive musical programming (Olympic Café, Les Trois Frères, Point Ephémère) especially in the middle of the Goutte d'Or district, Paris, Blaise Merlin set up L’Onde & Cybèle which purpose is to target a ground where not enough cultural actors act : - Supporting an artistic creation in a way to constantly promote meeting between public, professionals and territories ; - Setting up dialogue between arts (popular, erudite, improvised music, theatre, poetry, dance, circus, visual arts…) according to a demanding professional ethic. L’Onde & Cybèle works on the development and assertion of an artistic identity in a spirit of invention defying all identity closures, breaking borders between writing and improvising, the popular and the scientific, genres and generations.L’Onde & Cybèle produces and organizes two festivals as well as creations spreading regionally, nationally and internationally. . Jazz Nomades /La Voix est Libre (Cirque Electrique (Paris); itinerant in France (Theâtre Garonne/Toulouse; Bonlieu/Annecy; Chanel/Calais and internationally (Beirut, Cairo, Alexandria, Tunis). Jazz Nomades / La Voix est Libre was created in 2005. This touring festival questions freedom of expression from the standpoint of diversity and intercultural dialogue, favouring a young creation which is distinguished as much by its requirements as by its great desire of open-mindedness, social and cultural mix and citizenship.Well welcomed by public, press and professionals, the program gathers artists of all over the world from jazz, world music, slam, hip-hop, dance, theatre, circus… It also welcomes scientists and philosphers to shed light on our changing world as the geneticist Albert Jacquard, the astrophysicist Trinh Xuan Thuan, the writer and philosopher Edouard Glissant, the dissenting chinese poet Liao Yiwu, the playwright Valère Novarina, the slamer Dgiz… Celebrating the art of meeting and of the “Free-Strange” between cultures, genres and generations, the festival has become a window of the young creation in the space of a few years by federating a young and mixed public, professionals from the whole world, artists and reputed scientists through an innovating and transversal vision of creation. . Rhizomes (in green spaces of the 18th district, Paris, and of Seine-Saint-Denis). Created in 2002, Rhizomes festival organizes free open-air concerts in the 18th district green spaces. In this context, L’Onde & Cybèle set up artistic workshops since 2007 for young people from disadvantaged districts listed in the Politique de la Ville's programRhizomes festival tends to put a light on artists having a rich cultural history and affirming a singular poetic vision through their encounters. Thoses who combinate virtuosity with roots, freedom with necessity. Their work is directly originated from the social and cultural prolific life of the districts. The program presents a large panel of groups and soloists who embody both the emerging scene and well-known artists for young and aged people. Our goal is to arouse public’s surprise and discovery by mixing genres and styles blurring musical and geographical boundaries like slam and double bass for the public of the Square Léon, coppers and conches for the public of Rachmaninov Square, free jazz in the Montmartre Museum’s garden, malian traditional rythms at the Arènes de Montmartre… Rhizomes Festival supports a vision based on a very special proximity between public and artists.

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