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Mze Shina

Production de spectacles — Production discographique — Teaching / formation

Tel : 0971248861
12 rue Gurvand
35000 Rennes — France

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The association MZE SHINA, created in 2001, is engaged in achieving the following objectives; the production and promotion of musical performances, raising awareness of singing traditions from different parts of the world, particularly the Republic of Georgia (Caucusus), the music of Turkey and Ireland through the organisation of concerts and workshops, collection of songs, field recordings of venerable songmasters as well as research on the relationships between traditional and modern music.

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

MZE SHINA Ensemble, folk harmonies from the Republic of GeorgiaVOYCE, vocal duo of Irish songs with saz, tanbur, dulcimer, sruti box...So WAX world / soul band