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Nomades kultur

Festival — Production de spectacles — Tourneur — Teaching / formation

Tel : 0442037275
58 58 avenue des caniers creacti, bat A
ZI les Paluds
13400 Aubagne — France

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Nomades Kultur represents the best flamenco artists from the new flamenca generation or some pillars of traditional flamenco. It exclusively manages the guitarist Juan Carmona’s international career. Nomades Kultur works in various activities as shows production, festival’s artistic direction (7th edition of Les nuits flamencas of Chateauvallon, Cannes’s Fiesta Flamenca, Aubagne Music Fest) and the development of record label. It also gets involved in the supervision of emerging artists (12 editions of La Pépinière d’artistes), consulting for cultural structures (9 editions of Russian art festival in Cannes) and administrative training.

Informations sur les artistes produits, en tournée, programmés

4 tour in Asia, first tour in Australie at the Sydney Opera House