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Action photo for refugees @Womex 2015

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International statement of world music delegates @Womex 2015
We, World Music delegates at Womex in Budapest, want to express our solidarity with refugees in Europe.
Refugee situation in Europe is unacceptable : closing borders, building walls, using violence against people escaping from war and poverty, are the signs of policies based on fear. Europe was founded on the values of hospitality, openess, cultural diversity and respect of human rights : World Music is a manifestation of these values.
During the last days at Womex, more than 2000 artists, producers, agents, media, label managers, festival organizers from all over the world, has been working together to promote cultural rights and diversity through music. This music would not exist without the possibility to cross borders.

We call European governments to open the borders and consider migrants as a positive force to enrich our societies.

World Music Delegates at Womex

Report on Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_anf9LnRMQs