Le Réseau des musiques du monde


Publiée le 21/10/2015 dans Zone Franche, Worlds echos

Since its beginnings, Zone Franche, the world music professional network, has adopted a chart. It defines the ethical values according to which its members intend to practice their jobs. Values which refer to diversity, to immaterial cultural heritage, to the virtues of creation, and to the free movement of artists, a vital condition for the development of intercultural dialogue. In this regard, for Zone Franche, specific questions relative to the ecosystem of world music are inclusive of a more general positioning on human rights, citizenship and cultural rights.

The Zone Franche network predominantly decided to be present at the Womex-World Music Expo, taking place from 21st to 25th October in Budapest, despite the fact that the Hungarian government has adopted reprehensible decisions and practices towards refugees. Our total disapproval is coupled with vigilance towards other European countries that are making a dent in the right to asylum today and who might tomorrow adopt s